Club Info

Club Info



We would like to welcome all new Letterboxers and hope you will get great enjoyment finding those elusive boxes. Below is useful information to help you enjoy the ‘game’.

To all letterboxers, if you have any queries, are putting out new boxes, or have found sites empty etc, please let us know so that we can keep out information to others as up to date as possible. We repeat this request at the end of the main preface.

We would like to let you know at the time of the catalogue going to print that Godfrey and Anne Swinscow are both still fairly well in a residential home in Strete, between Dartmouth and Kingsbridge. Godfrey still has an interest in ‘boxing in as much he likes to see stamps when people visit him.

For new ‘boxers, Godfrey was the founder of Letterboxing on Dartmoor, although when he first started I doubt he knew how worldwide it would become, or that so many folk from abroad would visit Dartmoor to participate in the ‘game’, (Godfrey used to say “it’s only a game”).

If any of the more established Letterboxers who have boxes that have been out a while, and wouldn’t mind them going into the updates/catalogue please let us know, it would be much appreciated and helpful for our new Letterboxers.

If you have Travellers that are no longer in use, or know of Letterboxers who have left for any reason and their stamps are not in use any longer, please let us know so that we can also keep these records up to date. Thank you.

If would like to receive copies of Paul Rendell’s Bi-monthly magazine please contact him via email – or by post at Paul Rendell, The Coach House, Tramlines, Okehampton, Devon. EX20 1EH. They make very interesting and informative reading. You can also submit your colour photographs of your favourite places etc on the Moor.

We again remind all Letterboxers to adhere to the Codes of Conduct, and as they have been revised, please read them again carefully and keep to the rules. Our boxes are DARTMOOR letterboxes, so if you put out a box do please keep it connected with a DARTMOOR theme, and remember, if you do put out a box, you are also responsible for its maintenance, so don’t forget to put a contact name and phone number or address in the visitor’s book.

It is YOUR responsibility to keep your box in good order. The information in the Catalogue is only as accurate as received and cannot be guaranteed. If you bring your box in, then please don’t forget to tell us, and if you find a box missing then please let us know that as well, we rely on all Letterboxers to help keep information up to date.

The Main catalogue can still be purchased from myself, or see our official web site.

CATALOGUE. The catalogue of Letterbox clues is obtainable from Sylvia Moore, 25 Sanderspool Cross, South Brent, Devon. TQ10 9LR. Please click here for details about the Catalogue.

 “THE 100 CLUB.” All Letterboxers who have visited 100 different letterboxes are welcome to join. To become enrolled and to get your badge, please write to, Stephanie Paul, Lower Burrows, Shilstone Lane, Throwleigh, Okehampton. EX20 2HX. Enclose a list of the 100 boxes that you have visited, and £3-00p. per white cloth badge required and a S.A.E. There are also blue badges for 200, and gold for 500 boxes. For those who have visited 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 & 4,000 different boxes, there are special laurel wreath cloth badges at £3-50p each, and for those having visited 5,000 or more boxes there is a rather special badge at £4-00p. Paper car stickers are also available for 100 Club members at 10p each, or  15p for two.


Membership of “The 100 Club” has been extended to include our canine friends. Dogs who have visited 100 different “Letterboxes” with their owners can now become members of the 100 Club. They will then be entitled to wear “100 Club” dog tags on their collars.

These are available from Brian Cole, “Tower Trophies:, Greenbank, Station Road, Willand, Devon. EX15 2PR Telephone 01884 821850. Price £2-00p.

The reverse side can be engraved at an additional cost of 3p per letter or figure. Any one interested please contact Brian Cole with a SAE and he will allocate your dog its membership number, and supply the collar tag.

“Charity Walks”.

For those individuals and organisations wishing to put out a Charity Letterbox Walk in the Spring, please remember to obtain permission from D.N.P in plenty of time. Contact Sue Bishop 01626 831006, or visit their website

For more details on hiring stalls at the Meet contact Stephanie  Paul 01647 231080. Email:

“DARTMOOR LETTERBOXES”. To have your letterbox registered and entered into the Catalogue and Updates, please send the details to Malcolm Allderidge:- 20 Kestrel Gardens, Bishops Green, Newbury, Berkshire. RG20.

“TRAVELLERS”. Will those who wish to have their “travellers” ‘registered’ in the records please send 2 copies to Malcolm Allderidge, who will number them, they will then be entered into the Updates and Catalogue.

CATALOGUE UPDATES. Are available monthly direct from Malcolm Allderidge:- 20 Kestrel Gardens, Bishops Green, Newbury, Berkshire. RG20 4AG. All cheques payable to M.Allderidge.. If you want them simply send a supply of stamped addressed envelopes, plus 40p per issue to cover photocopying, quoting your “100 Club” membership number (if known) when applying.

Magnetic bearings are used throughout the catalogue, and can be used directly with a magnetic compass. However to plot any of the bearings used onto your map, about 3°, the magnetic variation, must first be subtracted. Conversely when taking a bearing off the map this must be added.

Please keep your compass well away from any metal objects when taking your bearings, otherwise a compass error may result.

NATIONAL GRID. A grid reference is used to identify an area on an Ordnance Survey map. Most of the grid references in the catalogue, (which follow the box

names), consist of six figures. This will locate an area of 100 metres x 100 metres, in which the box should be. To plot a grid reference on to your map, using an example of 578? 742?, take the first set of 3 figures, and working from the Left (West) of your map, to the Right (East) of your map, find the vertical grid line with the first 2 figures (57) in the group of 3, in the top or bottom margins, then using the appropriate calibrations on most good compasses, or by estimation, plot the 3rd digit (8), in tenths of the square, onto your map (distance A on the sketch). Now using the same system

with the second set of 3 figures, but this time working from bottom (South) of your map, to the top (North) of your map, and using the figures in the Left or Right margins, and the horizontal grid lines. After plotting the final digit (2), (distance B on sketch), you should have your pointer near North Hessary Tor! If not try again.

When the grid reference of a letterbox is not given, instead of inserting ???? ???? in the clue, we have changed it to ?______)., this will allow you to fill in the grid reference once you have established where the box is.