Contact Details

Contact Details

Telephone / E-Mails / Address’s For Media queries about Letterboxing contact, Chris & KayeEmail Us

For catalogues  contact, Colin Richards Email Us

For Updates  & booking tables for the meet contact, Malcolm Allderidge, All cheques payable to M.Allderidge. or Email Malcolm

For membership (after collecting 100 stamps) contact Chris & Kaye


Membership of “The 100 Club” has been extended to include our canine friends. Dogs who have visited 100 different “Letterboxes” with their owners can now become members of the 100 Club. They will then be entitled to wear “100 Club” dog tags on their collars.

These are available from Brian Cole, “Tower Trophies:, Greenbank, Station Road, Willand, Devon. EX15 2PR Telephone 01884 821850. Price £2-00p.

The reverse side can be engraved at an additional cost of 3p per letter or figure. Any one interested please contact Brian Cole with a SAE and he will allocate your dog its membership number, and supply the collar tag.